1. Pokogirl

    Double pullups for Bedwetting Protection

    So, I've been wearing mamy poko pants size xxl to bed regularly. It's a baby diaper but I can fit in them perfectly & well. It's really comfortable to be in too. I have wet them a couple of time as well. The first time I didn't have any problem as I didn't pee too much. But the 2nd time I...
  2. Pokogirl

    Important Step Towards My Diaper Life

    Today was a big step towards my DL life. I finally bought the diapers I've dreamt of wearing since my childhood. 2009 they used to air the commercial in tv. Still now whenever I see the commercial I feel some kind of urge. Here's the commercial link --> I was potty...
  3. Pokogirl

    Mamy Poko Pants XXL

    So, I've finally used up all my diapers & now it's time for diaper some diaper shopping. The choices I get here is very limited. Good adult diapers are rare. So, I mostly wear baby diapers & am in love with them. Also I don't have the guts to buy adult diapers. I have 26 waist & can fit into...
  4. A

    Mamy Poko XXXL Review (similar to size 7)

    before you read, sorry about my english is not good but i wanna talk to you all Hi all this is my first post in here im from thailand (in thailand has a few ab/dl) and i've read about your curious things about mamy poko so i will inform you about this brand ^_^ mamy poko is from japan and...