1. sproutling

    Taking Apart a Mam Butterfly Pacifier

    Its been a while since I've posted, but since I'm back to the scene i've been finding cute button style mam pacifiers and modifying them. These are the ones I've modified so far: But today I picked up these adorable butterfly style mam ones, these here: The first ones I got, the button in...
  2. Shyanne

    MAM Night Pacifers

    Ok..chances are most of you wont see this or read this. But I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find any of these pacifiers for sale anywhere? Or if anyone had a spare paci of one of these they are willing to sell me? They are MAM Night brand pacis but everywhere online is randomly...
  3. bvb123

    MAM Nuk 5 Pacifier

    Calling all MAM lovers! Anyone know where I can get a modified MAM Nuk 5 pacifier from? I'm not bothered about colours or anything but preferably a silicone one :paci:
  4. L

    I'm so happy!:)

    I'm not an AB as I (think) have said before but I love pacifiers:) and I got two new pacis today! They're MAM 6m+ and one is purple and the other is pink:) so I'm happy and just thought I'd share here. Also, if anyone is wondering about buying one, MAM is really good and I think from now on when...
  5. mdg91

    Ordered a nuk 5... Nuk5 vs Nuk3??

    I do not know if this is the right place since i am not a AB or DL. But i do use a pacifier, and is pretty addicted to it at times. I use it because it calm me down, and is a good stressrelief, than again started using it do to trouble breathing to my nose at night, and to learn how to breath...
  6. Piplup

    New Paci Mod Guide

    This is for all the DIY pacifier modifiers out there! You may recall a post I made a while back about how to take apart a MAM pacifier for modification. The problem with this method is that it can cause damage to the guard...