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    How to make a diaper

    Looked at other threads and didn't quite find the answer I was looking for. I currently can't get diapers :sad:. I usually make them with tape,towels and toilet paper but I am out of tape with no money. Can I make a diaper with this things? Towel Toilet paper String Garbage bags Boxers
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    Hello! Fellow diaper enthusiasts!!

    I have had this fetish ever since I was 10 years (well i noticed it) but since I live with family and I cant move out until I have enough money to get a dorm I can't wear diapers :sad: BUT I make makeshifts every now and then and mess in them!!! I really wish I could wear pampers but I have no...
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    Something Different

    Hi guys I know i'm new but i'm about to go to bed and decided to find a way to get a makeshift diaper and get it quickly. I don't want to use towels because they usually leak or give me rashes I don't have my car right now it's in the shop so I cant go buy diapers please help ASAP!
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    Some Diaper Help...

    So I have a very large surplus of Poise Incontinence Pads, I'm talking Cartons of surplus. They are the largest size/absorbency. What im asking is, how would i go about constructing a makeshift Diaper out of them? remember, quantity is not a problem here. I have access to any common household...