makeshift diaper

  1. VenusRose

    (in my opinon) best homemade diaper!

    This is my opinion, and if you have any other cool ways to make your own diaper, totally comment about it! So, as what I like to call an 'Undercover ABDL' it's hard to just go out a buy diapers, especially if you have watchful parents, no way to get to a store, or if you just have no money. So...
  2. S

    How to make a diaper

    Looked at other threads and didn't quite find the answer I was looking for. I currently can't get diapers :sad:. I usually make them with tape,towels and toilet paper but I am out of tape with no money. Can I make a diaper with this things? Towel Toilet paper String Garbage bags Boxers
  3. A

    Something Different

    Hi guys I know i'm new but i'm about to go to bed and decided to find a way to get a makeshift diaper and get it quickly. I don't want to use towels because they usually leak or give me rashes I don't have my car right now it's in the shop so I cant go buy diapers please help ASAP!
  4. TomDL0

    How can I make homemade diapers?

    If you know how to make a diaper that DOESN'T involve a Trash bag, sewing, and/or paper towels and toliet paper, please post here to help me and other people make our own diapers!?
  5. B

    Bigger Diapers = Cozier Night

    oki, so i usually wear drynights to bed (now and again) but recently i have been to excited and thinking about them to fall asleep... but the other night i made some makeshift towel diapers (that are HUGE and BULKY) that make your legs go appart and you cant walk in them without waddeling. so i...