1. M

    How are Goodnites delivered?

    I was considering ordering Goodnites from Amazon, and it says discreet packaging, but it doesn't really show any pictures of the box. What's the box look like, and If I order something else with it, will they put it in that box?
  2. Justo

    Parcel Locker

    Australia Post now offers 24/7 parcex,l lockers. Like a PO Box but for parcels. As far as I can se its free. Parcel lockers - Australia Post Parcel Collect - Australia Post Both give you a unique address to ship to. There is a size limit (see site)
  3. Maker

    Ordering Diaper Samples- Help!

    So I'm going back to college tomorrow, and have just gathered the courage to order a free diaper sample addressed to my college mailroom. I can't imagine how they could make it non-discreet, so I'm not worried about that. But at the end of the year my mail gets forwarded to my family's house...
  4. D

    Parents Researching Mail Addresses

    Alright so I got a prepaid gift card and so have been doing a lot of shopping, some bambinos, and some cheapr diapers to stock up on, and even a nuk 5 yay!!! (btw how is fetware, thats where I ordered the nuk5 from) Well anyways one of the things from bambino came in (I ordered a sample o...
  5. kevintje

    Suggestion New rule: do not post your e-mail adress on the forums, profiles and other 'public' places?

    I recently came upon a profile that has at least 2 e-mail addresses in the visitor messages and I was wondering if this shouldn't be forbidden by the rules. the reason I think it should be forbidden is that search engines can pick it up, even when the people posting don't realize it. I don't...
  6. Drypered

    junk mail

    Today in the mail I got a card from HDIS for some Tena stuff, addressed to the fake name I used to order sample. Thing is I have never ordered anything or given my info to HDIS so I'm wondering wtf? :( this is the 2nd time i received diaper related junk mail the 1st time being in June from...