luvs size 6

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    Trying out different diapers.

    So recently I have been wondering how well different disposable diapers fit me. Instead of asking people here for their opinions, I've decided to take matters into my own hands. The diapers that I have tried are store bought. The diapers include, Pampers Cruisers size 6 (couldn't find size 7 in...
  2. L

    Introductions Noah

    Hi my name is noah and i am new to this site. I have been on the site multiple times but I just joined recently. I love wearing little kid diapers, I am bless with a waist that can fit size 6 diaper. I am currently sitting in my messy Luvs size 6 diaper.
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    Two Pairs? Three Pairs? Four?

    I had an idea a few minutes ago to try wearing more than one diaper at a time. I read a lot of people will double diaper, but I tried wearing four diapers at once. I love it. When I walk, I kind of waddle, just like a toddler! That's pretty cool. So now I'm lying in bed in 4 diapers...