1. bvb123

    Long-time Lurker finally opening up

    Hello all! I've been a lurker on this site for absolutely ages and I've only posted a few times but never really said much about myself so here goes! I'm 19 years old and I've been an AB for about 5ish years I think My only venture into the AB world so far is Pacifiers and I am addicted to...
  2. T

    Posting for delurkification

    Hello all. I am Trel and I like to lurk. My hobbies include reading other peoples posts and sleep. I'll rarely post because more often then not whatever it is I could add to a conversation has already been done atleast half a dozen times and I dislike redundancy in the name of having my voice...
  3. D

    Stupid Lurker Requirements...

    Your account should not go into lurker if you haven't been on. Anyone agree?
  4. dprdk

    Lurker, apparently ;)

    Hi there. Adisc have branded me 'a lurker' unless I go and introduce myself. Well; here I am. More to come!
  5. shrike

    Awwww....I can't lurk anymore??

    Hi all! Well, its that time! I signed up for an account on ADISC back on January 31'st and I'm finally being poked to actually introduce myself instead of hide in the shadows. Yipe! I originally found out about ADISC through one of (I beleive) Jake Rabbit's stories over on Fur Affinity. One...
  6. Pramrider

    How Long To Inactive Status?

    Andysetra's thread about "away" members made me think of this. How long can you be away without your account disappearing from ADISC's database, prompting you to re-register an account? Wasn't it like 90 days or so of no logons on TBDL? I know I was away about four months or so and could no...
  7. Crassi

    More different status'es

    First, please pardon my English. I'm 15 years old and Swedish, so I ain't perfect. On the topic though. I say the "Lurker" statu isn't really enough. If one goes on vacation he/she isn't lurking around - since he/she ain't browsing the site. On the other hand a person who reads the site often...