1. H

    I'm very much here to lurk.

    I'm really not a poster-type of guy. I'm accepting that I'm a lurker, and doing this post to just open up the board so I am capable of lurking.
  2. K

    to lurk or not to lurk that is the question!

    to qoute shakespere lol, I'm a writer, I write most things from fanfiction to my own stuff, I like to get ideas on others work and have a 'thing' for that innocent diaper/nappy writing, I write more on fanficton then anything, but hey if it makes me a lurker so be it lol So hi!:smile1::detective3
  3. PampsAimi


    Hello, not really new here, but new as in member new I guess.... Well None the less I lurked this site here and there, and now it forced me to make an account so here I am :D Umm.... about me I'll be 17 soon, and I buy my own diapers so no problem there, :D Thank god for parents working the...