1. M

    Lunch bag or box

    Random question does anyone carry a reusable lunch bag or box to work or school and if so what does it look like. I carry a red lunch article zone Lunch bag to work every day.
  2. SparkleBunny

    Hey, how are you? What are all of you guys doing today?

    Hey, how are you? I took a shower this morning and I'm feeling SO innocent today! I'm still in my pajamas (which I'll change out of soon) and have my pillow pet with me. I'm having rice mac & cheese with some juice for lunch. I'm trying to decide if I want care bears or hello kitty cup for my...
  3. captainpollution

    Preparing lunches

    I work two jobs currently and I don't have a very regular schedule. I sometimes get lunch breaks when I work full shifts. At either location there is usually a lounge with a refrigerator and sometimes there is a microwave. I've always had trouble packing lunch; not because of any actually...
  4. Pramrider

    An Enjoyable Lunch Today

    As if the dream I related wasn't enjoyable enough, I was surprised to find myself home alone half the afternoon today. I took a couple days off from work to get some things done outside before the cold weather sets in. Soon as I found out everyone was going out for a couple hours, I made plans...