1. Pnwbabyboy


    Hello, I'm Pnwbabyboy! I'm a twentyfive year old on the outside, but a big snugly baby on the inside. I have been aware of my "DL" side since I was very young, but just started to get intouch with the "AB" side. Really just trying to find the balance. I recently opened up to my ex about my...
  2. J

    Missing Plushy

    Just got back home from grandma's for thanksgiving, and when I went to my room, everything was moved. My dresser was empty of all my clothes which were now in cardboard boxes on shelves that used to have stuff but didn't anymore, my dresser was moved in the middle of the walkway, tv in my...
  3. F

    Sadly Lost My Little "Bad Mommy"

    I apparently overstepped with my little, and now I think that it is over. As he was my first, and I was brand new to this, I don't quite know how to deal with the rejection. (It is a loss that a month ago I had no idea existed). I don't really want another yet, but anyone have ideas how to get...
  4. L

    Lost mojo

    has any one ever lost there mojo to do things. for example i used to be able to get up in the mornings for work eat breakfast and be ready now i just get at last minute and rush around. and advice to fix this. feel free to share
  5. D

    Question for Mommy (or anyone who has or has had one):

    Recently, I reached out to a few people online through various ABDL dating sites to try and find a Mommy that I could talk to regularly. I ended up finding one, and she was so wonderful, my heart would race every time I spoke to her. It was like nothing I've ever experienced before!! But there...
  6. P

    kinda confused about my feels, a question for ab's only.

    I've always have considered myself a dl, but sometimes I will catch myself playing with toys and not realize it. Or ill watch cartoons. But my question is do adult babys have "baby" in there personilty? Like do you catch yourself doing these thing without thinking about it? I'm at the point...