los angeles

  1. R

    Intro take 2 go

    So i stopped logging on to this site for a few years, and i guess its turned me into a lurker. Anyway, what to say what to say 23 AB. Though very much in the closet about it. I realized I had an obsession with diapers and wanting to be a baby again when I was around 4. I was a bedwetter for 6...
  2. B

    Young Vegas DL here!

    Been in Vegas for almost a year now, moved from the east coast. [Removed]
  3. paddedpants4me

    Hello ADISC!

    Hello good people of ADISC. Im paddedpants4me and brand new here. Figured that now is a good as time as any for a little intro post. Only recently have I begun reaching out to others in the AB/DL community. I hope to be able to post and make friends on the forums here. I also just started a...