1. I

    May not last here, too ashamed but can't seem to quit.

    Hello. I have finally admitted to my addiction, (to myself). I am embarrassed by this but I suppose since I have no friends or family that I should feel "safe" discussing this here. I am older, overweight and am not a positive person, but when I wear and use I am at ease. I am a very...
  2. L

    how do i tell a girl?

    like all of us here, i have a diaper fetish, i've had it for years on end and i don't intend to stop having the fetish any time soon. the problem is, if i can even get a girlfriend (20 yrs old and still don't have one) how can i tell her about my fetish? i've been contemplating this for such a...
  3. SuperSecretFoxy

    Most horrible thing T.T [drama-queening]

    I am so broken right now, the gift from my owner from last year was totally destroyed by my dogs! T.T Last night I went to bed and had my paci in, I fell asleep quite quickly and when I woke up I heard a thud on the floor. I didn't think much of it and had to hurry for school, so I left not...
  4. K

    My Fiance would like to talk with someone

    I have a diaper fetish, I'm a DL. My Fiance has known about it for the last two years and has been great. She has participated with me and we have even come up with some insensitive plans where I work out a certain amount each week and I'm rewarded with monthly diaper adventures. However lately...
  5. ilovedaddy

    so bored lately

    anyone just so bored lately? i got friends i can hang with and im always with my fiancée and i don't know! im just so bored..... its like blah!
  6. MonteDriver93

    a little about me

    I am a normal teenager who just likes to have fun. I work and sleep alot but otherwise im on my computer or im playing my xbox 360. aslo i like to drive and im a DL. I want to find others like me that want to talk about anything and will answer any questions i have and i will answer any...
  7. Mesmerale

    Suffering from loneliness, recovery from wisdom teeth removal, and being new

    So, this whole thing seems pretty clear to me from my title... But, clearly I love being a baby. I am a guy, but prefer to be seen as a girl online. Anyways, the only person who is really okay with me being a baby around her in real life is away for two weeks, leaving me all alone while I...