1. P

    Feeling Alone

    So today I started feeling just really alone and without anyone. I was at a birthday party a little while ago and said hi to some people, but that's about it. I felt like everyone was talking to eachother, and got that feeling like I was invisible or that nobody noticed me. I'm home now and...
  2. lilyshore

    Goodness I forgot to introduce myself!

    Please forgive my lapse in good manners, and allow me to introduce myself, albeit belatedly. As one of those rarest of creatures, a lesbian-oriented biologically female adult baby, I have always felt a crippling aloneness even within the AB community that I am only just beginning to explore...
  3. LilRetroBoy

    feeling a bit down

    As i write this i am feeling alone, i often feel like this but i don't no how to stop this feeling, or rather stop its regular occurrence. I work out for a number of reasons one of which is i know that after my work out there is a hormone the body produces called endorphins that help lift my...