1. TheTapedCrusader

    If they only knew... ;)

    I don't know about y'all but personally, I keep running into ironic situations because of people not knowing that I am AB/DL. Things like coworkers making a joke about leaving a set of baby keys up front in case I had any regressive thoughts. Or another coworker giving me a coupon for the new...
  2. Meowstic

    Baby Movie Clips

    So, when I was little, my parents got the Rugrats Movie... An orange VCR tape. One thing that stuck out to me, though... The part where they're in the woods, and dill is lying down, and he craps his diaper with a "blurt" sound... When I was little, there was just something that made me want to...
  3. S

    Hello im a Human with the name Jakob

    Jo gay im jakob (its my nickname ^^ not my real) yeeeeeeees what should i say im a normal gamer and search games with diaper flash or so whatever do anyone know oh sorry wrong thread xD but whateverrrrrr nice to meet YOU
  4. Fenrierlilfolf

    Funny Diaper Definitions

    I dunno if you have already seen this guys, :smile1: I thought it was funny: Urban Dictionary: diaper
  5. Little ollie

    The Gayest music video thread

    This thread is for you to find the most gayest music video you can think of and post it here in this thread. Heres mine YouTube - Adam & The Ants - Stand and Deliver [Note I am not being homophobic I am gay myself so please don't take offense]