1. feetintrouble

    If you wear locking clothing...

    Do you try to wriggle out of your locking mittens/diapers/playsuit and so on, or struggle against them, or does the fact they are locked make you feel all the safer? Sometimes my hands are locked in mittens, or a hood if I'm in danger of eating sweets I shouldn't. I often like to briefly pull...
  2. M

    Little Keeper Sleeper Modification

    I recently got a size 16 LKS and love how it feels; I am fairly flexible though and it's quite easy for me to undo it. In order to make it more secure for me, I want to modify the snap panel at the top of the zipper, or the zipper itself to allow for actual locking. Anybody have ideas on...
  3. S

    saying hi!

    hi, my name is steven, but i prefer stephy. im a 26y old submissive sissybaby. im looking for some people to chat with, share some stories etc etc. i'm from belgium, if there are people here who live near me, pls dont hesitate to contact me... you'll never know what happens kisses stephy
  4. PetPuppyAlex

    Locking Hand Paws.

    Hand Paws (Locking) -R | The Kitty Works Tell me these aren't perfect. omg. I want. If you have any sort of dom/sub relationship that involves pet play and your fur/babyfur side... this is perfect. omgomgomg I want. Someone please get these for me. :3