1. NorthShoreAdam

    FedEx Hold at Pickup Location now Live on NorthShoreCare.com

    I'm excited to announce that we've finally launched "FedEx Hold at Location" as an option in checkout on our website! Now you can pick up your packages at your convenience at the FedEx pickup location of your choice. There are many locations to choose from including Walgreens, Krogers, Walmart...
  2. PetPuppyAlex

    Where's the AB/BabyFur scene?

    So, I'll put a disclaimer here so this thread isn't taken the wrong way: This is not a personal or anything and shouldn't be taken like it. I'm not really seeking out specific people to meet up with, just making an inquiry. I'm considering moving, and I have a lot of options as to where I can...
  3. tiny

    Where are you from? Where do you call home?

    I can't remember seeing one of these threads for a while... so I thought I'd ask everyone... Where are you from? Where do you call home? Where are you living (or, if you are temporarily living away, where do you normally live)? I'm sure Moo could give us the statistics of all registered...
  4. D

    Where in the world?

    If this was posted already sorry :/ BUT I am wondering where in the world do all of you reside? You don't need to reply with exact address just your state/country is fine & or city if you are comfortable giving out that info. I am in Poughkeepsie New York USA. ..........You?
  5. D

    HI again XD

    Been here about 2 weeks now & I was wondering how many here might be local to me. I am in Poughkeepsie NY which is the 1/2 way point between NYC & Albany. Just wondering if there were more of us in the area.
  6. leicesterfan


    I am going to get some adult diapers today from Boots the pharmacy. I was wandering if anyone had been there before, where in the store are the adult diapers usually near and what they have to offer? Thanks