1. Scaramouche

    Budget Diapers

    Maybe this store is overlooked in the US - Dollar General has their own brand. Very cheap, but I'm sure the absorbency leaves a little to be desired. DG Baby Mega Diaper Size 6 - 40ct - Diapers & Wipes - Dollar General Also adult pull ups: DG Health Protective Underwear for Men & Women -...
  2. A

    Diaper Stores

    So I keep reading articles and I find posts stating there are stores that sell molicares and abenas along with other good brands. Now I live in New Hampshire, and never once have I seen any of these stores. Not saying they don't exist, I don't really leave my town much so I can't say. I'm just...
  3. D

    HI again XD

    Been here about 2 weeks now & I was wondering how many here might be local to me. I am in Poughkeepsie NY which is the 1/2 way point between NYC & Albany. Just wondering if there were more of us in the area.