1. Demonbabywearspamps

    Baby food substitutes

    I've been thinking about trying some baby food like things since i had a friend recommend them for younger little space like 0-2 years old. So far I've been trying flavored apple sauce but i wanted something different. So does anyone have suggestions?
  2. psychonautalis

    He Gets It... But, He Wants To Know Why

    Hello little and big friends, Just wanted to ask a few questions as to how you guys would answer this or respond if this were you... I've recently opened up to my partner about my diaper-wearing and my little side...and he gets it, I feel he really does. He validates me and listens...
  3. J

    Little Space

    Hello all, I just want to share something that happened to me last night. I have never been in littlespace or even considered it, I thought I was just a DL, but boredom an YouTube changed that. I came across this video; Yes, I...
  4. LittleThomas

    Looking For Online Friend For Littlespace Enhancement.

    Hey Guys, I'm quite new here, so I'm not really sure if I am posting this in the right place, but I'm looking for someone to talk to online. The thing is, I want somebody that treats me the way I want to be treated in littlespace. I would just love to send them a message talking about my day...
  5. L

    Need Bedroom Decor ideas! :)

    Im Getting a new room! :smile1::smile1::smile1: Ever since moving out into my own property ive always wanted to turn my bedroom into my Little Space. Never had the chance before due to privacy but i can make it work now. Hoping to get some good ideas from the community!. Im wanting the room to...
  6. CryBaby

    Ideas for My New Little space Room?

    Hey guys, haven't been around for a while, sorry about that!! I've been super busy finding a job (which I finally got today!) and now planning to move. When I move I'm going to have a room dedicated to Littlespace. I already have some ideas, but I want more! Lots and lots and lots more! Gimme...
  7. C

    Hey everyone, Nice to meet you! Lets get to know each other.

    Alright! Intro time! My name is Sydney.M , Im a lady~! A little, and a bit of a perfectionist! I'm not into anything sexual involving diapers. I do, enjoy acting a younger age, and wearing diapers! They really help my littlespace thrive! I Love love love to do art, Im an artist! I play tons...
  8. MattiKins

    Diaperboy Swag

    So there I was at TeddyCon, furiously practicing my song, when this young fellow walks onstage and sings this song over pre-recorded music. It was a simple dance/club style song, but the charisma and presence he had was unbelievable. Boldly rocking nothing more than a T-shit and a Waddler, he...
  9. babied

    Baby Talk - Adult Talk - Baby Talk (over and over)

    Ok this as probably been talked about before but I wanna give my point of view of whats going on. Ok, lately I've been going in and out of baby talk here and there and I'm kind of learning how to talk baby, which is a good thing, but sometimes I can't help it as it just haapens<example. I can't...