1. tykeboy123

    My abdl coffee table

    I was looking a my coffee table today and though wow Im not really hiding much about being abdl , I bet most of you in this forum would be able to tell, sometimes it’s a little fun to flaunt your little secret and sometimes it feels go just to do you and love out loud of course it’s not always...
  2. lilSky

    Popup Idea

    Just a thought just want community input. A Popup location that caters to ABDLs, DiaperFurs, Furies, DDLGs, Littles, Biggs, etc. Private for discretion, welcoming to business and individuals that cater to the community types. Locations picked from a massive online poll. The goal: Give us all a...
  3. Z

    "Little" link

    Sorry everyone, like I said I'm new and might ask a bunch of questions. I was reading somewhere that some Little's have a bracelet, necklace, or other item that they take out with them in public. Its supposed to help calm you down if you are in a super stressful situation, yet be less...
  4. Z

    Thoughts on Pacifiers

    I'm new here lol, but I've read from here alot. Basically I wanted to get people's opinion on pacifiers :) Personally I was against the thought for years. (I'm in my early 20's) Then like 2 days ago I was like....fine I'll try one. Bought some NUK 18-36m ones and tried it. At first yea it's...
  5. littleisaac


    As a little I love my stuffies, I especially love my BuildaBear stuffies. Especially my Micheal monkey, I went with siysiy, he created a teddy bear & I created Micheal, there is such a sense of satisfaction creating a stuffie don't cha think. Do you have a go to stuffie for little time?
  6. K


    Hi. I is 1 well I also littler but I want to make fwiends. I wuv to pway with toys and teething toys. I wuv my paci.
  7. CryBaby

    Ideas for My New Little space Room?

    Hey guys, haven't been around for a while, sorry about that!! I've been super busy finding a job (which I finally got today!) and now planning to move. When I move I'm going to have a room dedicated to Littlespace. I already have some ideas, but I want more! Lots and lots and lots more! Gimme...
  8. MissWillow

    Breastfeeding and Experiences

    I have big breasts. The idea of having my littles suckleing from me so amazing to me. Has any mommys tried this with their little? And what do you little think of it? What are experiences? Thank you loves <3
  9. C

    Hey everyone, Nice to meet you! Lets get to know each other.

    Alright! Intro time! My name is Sydney.M , Im a lady~! A little, and a bit of a perfectionist! I'm not into anything sexual involving diapers. I do, enjoy acting a younger age, and wearing diapers! They really help my littlespace thrive! I Love love love to do art, Im an artist! I play tons...
  10. OpheliaScarlett

    :3 Questions for Littles <3

    Here are lots of questions about little side o/, give it a try if you want to =) . Don't forget to add Spoilers tags, to make it easier to read for others on the Thread o/ :readthis: :huglove::huglove:
  11. Mattaroon

    Incredibly new, extremely excited

    Hi there! First I'd like to say I am VERY new to the AB/DL community. :o Also apologies if this gets rather long..I just like to be through on introductions! My name's Matt and I am a bigender (agender + male), pansexual age slider. An age slider is someone in a multiple system who slides...
  12. FeekaDimension

    JOURNEYS just released the BEST shoes for Littles

    OK maybe not the best ever but... Journeys Shoes carries a line of Disney shoes called the "Young at Heart" line and they are AMAZING... they have Disney characters all over them and the best part is that they are identical to the children's versions that they sell at Journey's Kids! They have...
  13. FluffyJammies

    Footed Jammies making a MASSIVE comeback?!

    Walmart, Target, Kohls, K-Mart, Sears, Nordstrom and Macy's... All have massive selections of footed jammies in stock in both the mens and womans sections... Then when we get to australia (recently moved here) and i'm finding a TON of onsies in stock out here as well... Could it finally be true...
  14. kashi

    Your little age

    I got into a discussion with a friend tonight and we reached a point where we were discussing the use of diapers vs pull ups and the age of our little sides. It got us to wondering is it common to have an age range or do many littles have a solid age? I range from around 2.5-4yrs because I...
  15. B

    Hi! My name is badlilboy or jake or jack!

    1) Hello! Who are you? I'm Jack. I'm a trans* queer little! I'm 18 and I've recently graduated from high school. Right now I'm looking for work and getting into college. 2) What brings you here? (interest in diapers/regression) I'm a little boy who has an interest in diapers. I guess I'm...