little time

  1. KittyninjaW

    Update on things.

    Hello everybody. First off, I have good news, My brother will be going in the Army! We still have to get a couple of documents in order for him to go which may take a while, but still at least he is going. Also I am currently passing all my classes so far in the semester and all of the tests...
  2. Tylexon

    Computer games for little time.

    Was wondering if people have certain computer games they play when they go "little" I'm trying to get more into being little and I like gaming.. so I thought why not mix them... I don't mind if the game is console, handheld or PC... please recommend anything that would be good for a little to...
  3. Maxthedragonrider

    found a daddy...and i think this time i got it right.

    My boyfriend and I were talking about kinks recently and i came clean about wanting to be treated like a toddler/child and he was actually into it! :3 sometimes hes going to treat me like a toddler and do all kinds of fun stuff with me (bathe me, play with me, dress me, etc) and said he'd change...