little space

  1. B

    Colorado ABDLs/littles

    Hi Everyone, I’m Brian, I’m 36 and an age player, diaper lover, little, ABDL living in Denver Colorado. I’ve recently gotten a little more brave sharing my little side with others and I am looking to connect more with people on the ABDL community! So say hi! -where do you live? -how long...
  2. D

    Foods in Littlespace

    What are some foods you eat while in little space?
  3. MajesticHamster

    What's your favorite thing to wear in your little space? (Girls/Sissies)

    I like to wear a dress, either short or long. Any dress will do. That and a cloth diaper.
  4. D

    Anyone else wear crocs

    Recently I got rid of about 50 pairs of adult shoes, many pairs of high heels, ballet flats and dressy boots and replaced them with 14 pairs of classic style original Crocs in all different bright colors with cute jibbitz which are the charms that pop in the holes. Now that it’s getting cooler...
  5. SillyLiam

    Favorite Little Space Movie!

    Anyone have any favorite movies they watch while in little space?? Mine would either be The Lion King or Balto at the moment! :biggrin:
  6. PCBaby

    New Direction

    After meeting a lady via fetlife, she agreed to be my mummy and we first met up in Dec 2017. As she only lives an hour away we know see each other once a month for 4 or 5 days of little and adult time. I identify as a 2 year old non-sexual boy. We were having a conversation recently about my...
  7. kashi

    Seeking a possible roommate

    I hope this is an alright place to post this. I'm posting here partially because it is heavily related to diapers and also because diaper talk gets the most traffic. If it's an issue please let me know. Anyways I'm moving out of my apartment come the fifteenth. Costs have gotten too high and I...
  8. A

    Rules created by Mommy and I.

    So I thought I would share the rules mommy and I made. Hopefully this may inspire other littles. I have a very supportive mommy. Im lucky i guess. We took some prexisting and changed them and also made dome of out own. Let us know what you think. Rules for my little: *Diapers are to be worn...
  9. TabulaRasa2017

    Age play versus little space

    Hi everyone, I hope your new year is off to a good start. I've been realizing that the different labels we use for each other and for what we do often have different meanings for different people. Although I'm a lifelong ABDL, I've only recently immersed myself in the ABDL community through...
  10. Poofybutt

    Cuddle Mode

    Hey Everyone, I was just wondering, do other AB's find themselves slipping into cuddle mode when they regress? If you don't know what cuddle mode is, the best way I can describe it is as a very warm, tingly almost euphoric feeling that fills you with the need to hug, cuddle and snuggle...
  11. KenMeister

    What gets you into Little Space?

    Just wanted to see ideas and recommendations for how people slip into little space. For me nothing more than being padded, wrapped up in my blankey cuddled with my plushies watching stuff like Care Bears always puts me in a secure, innocent space. But what about you guys? What triggers it for...
  12. K

    ADISCord's Theme

    I am rarely on this forum. Mainly it's because I am on the Discord for ADISC, which was recently nicknamed ADISCord. However, I've noticed a common theme throughout that has really irked me. It's all Adult-Baby themed. I get it that ADISC is an support group for AB's, but it's also a support...
  13. KittyninjaW

    How does one have little time in a small space?

    Hello Everyone, First off things are going pretty decent for me, and I am doing well on my classes so far, anyway what I want to know is how to have little time in a small space like my bedroom, I mean I have a small space in my room and I want to enjoy it but it is so small and I was wondering...
  14. perlFerret

    Little Space

    The wife suggested that when we have a house, we should make a "little space" where we keep my diapers and supplies and we can have little-themed stuff and decorations there. It made me very happy to hear her say that. She makes me sooooo happy! :3
  15. freethinkinglittle

    Greetings fellow humans.

    I have known peripherally about the ABDL community for a little while with only passing interest. I was amused by the antics of grown women being diapered, and yet despite featuring ageplay, a favorite theme of mine, I never really got into it. Until I discovered the concept of "little space". I...
  16. KittyninjaW

    Want to be little more and more......

    Hello, Its me again. I said to myself that I wouldn't post anymore pitty party threads, but still this one keeps bugging me, I have a lot of good things going on in my life, but still there are plenty of bad stuff, It fells like the more I post here and accept it, The more I fell like I want to...
  17. kashi

    Batman Footie Pajama's

    So I have wanted to find Batman Footie Pj's for awhile now. When I was young I had a set and I loved them. I found a picture of ones for toddlers which I'll attach as reference. Any help would be lovely.
  18. barrythebumblebee

    A video that makes you feel litte all over again

    Hey guys I found this awesome video on youtube and I wanted o share it with you bez I was so cool!!!!! Anyways I hope you enjoy it and please leave a reply! I love hearing from all of you:grouphug: ttyl