little headspace

  1. bunnysquigglez

    Plus size accessories? Little room suggestions?

    Howdy! Im new to this site and only became and ABDL this year (I was little before that, just only tried diaps this year) and I have so many questions and just wanna get others input on stuff! I guess I'll start out by asking some of the stuff I've been trying to find that maybe you babies can...
  2. DragonPrinceling

    Going to sleep little

    I have difficulty sleeping ‘big’ because my mind goes to unhappy places at night, so I get into a little headspace every night. I have a few things I use to keep my mind in littlespace. I wrap up one of my stuffies in my blankie and cuddle it with the crook of one arm whilst holding my favourite...
  3. DragonPrinceling

    Littlespace Place

    Do you have a place where it is easier for you to slip into a little headspace? For me, the attic at my foster family’s home is the perfect space. It is full of all my sister’s old toys from growing up, I have to crawl to get around, and nobody bothers me but the cat- and the cat is adorable...
  4. JaysonTheRegressor

    Entire day in littlespace with someone else as the CG

    Hello everyone! I am hyped about tomorrow! I'm going to get to spend the whole day tomorrow regressed and everyone in the house is going to treat me like a baby 🥺 I am so excited as this is the first time I would have regressed with someone else being my CG I do have my own CG (daddy <3) but...
  5. Jonjon

    Surprised While In Littlespace?

    Have you ever had someone surprise you while you were in littlespace? I'm not affected by having anyone see me in jonjons, overalls, or even in diapers. However, a few times friends of my Daddy have walked in on me having my temperature taken, and I've found it extremely embarrassing - even...
  6. F

    Hewwows! (sorry little side coming out)

    Hi! I'm using my fursona name cuz I'm a babyfur. Anyway, Im new to adisc and everyone seems awesome here! Im gonna be using little talk unless im serious, so stay little!! :paci:
  7. KittyninjaW

    Life has steadly improved.

    Hey everyone, sense My brother left for the army, Life has steady improved. First off, I think I know what my little side is, Basically, It's a boy who knows he's a boy but likes to be treated like/called a little girl. Not sure what the name for that is though, Probably Sissy, or Fem-boy. Also...
  8. A

    When/How to tell s/o?

    I pretty much am only active on here to get advice so I apologize for that... but tl;dr- I slipped into headspace with my girlfriend one night but I'm not sure she picked up on it. My friend said I should just get it out of the way now but I'm not sure if I can or how to go about it... I posted...
  9. A

    How do you accept yourself

    I've been interested in little stuff since.. forever? I've always just sort of assumed it was normal, I guess. I've always been happy to say I'm the youngest in my friend group or have people treat/talk to me like I'm a kid. I also just like the thought of "children's things". Like, seeing a...
  10. BabyAshie

    Rules that daddy can have for me?

    Herro, I'm new to the site and I was wondering if anyone had any rule examples that my daddy (boyfriend) can have for me when I am in my little state... he is we're doing it online right now but sooner or later we're gonna move in together and it's hard comming up with rules... these are a few...
  11. BusterBunny

    Going into littlespace when stressed?

    If I get incredibly stressed or mentally drained my brain instantly tries to go into littlespace, no matter where or how inconvenient it is for me, of course, this isn't a good thing and yes I know how to suppress it when the moment is terrible (for example, job interviews or just being out...