little girl

  1. dipgirli


    My name is Ashton Renee I am a lil girl full time cause theres no other way for me to be but myself Just found this site a bit ago and signed up imidiatly cause there are so many like minded ppls on here and that exciting cause I only know one DL irl Im in my 30s irl but in my heart and mind...
  2. Wulfee

    Marissa's Story

    Hey everyone I've never written a story of this magnitude before so if you guys like it then I will keep posting updates as it is created it is all my original content. If there are any type O's please let me know but besides that. Enjoy the story. I plan on writing much much more. It was the...
  3. D

    Girlfriend's a little, where do we start with the diapers?

    Hi, my girlfriend and I have been together for the best part of the year, and around a month or so ago, she told me that she was a little. I'm actually into all this as well, but more as someone who likes other people in diapers (although not as much as she likes it), and we've been slowly going...
  4. Sweethoney

    Hidden little

    Anyone else hate having to hide that they like ageplay or is it just me. I wish people could be more open about the things that they like. I mean is me wearing a dipper or using a pacifier really going to hurt anyone one. I would love to find some friends to talk to about things like this.
  5. KittyninjaW

    Life has steadly improved.

    Hey everyone, sense My brother left for the army, Life has steady improved. First off, I think I know what my little side is, Basically, It's a boy who knows he's a boy but likes to be treated like/called a little girl. Not sure what the name for that is though, Probably Sissy, or Fem-boy. Also...
  6. P

    Ideas for a middle name

    Hi everyone. So i’ve been thinking about adding a middle name for when i’m in my Little girl faze. My first name is Charlotte, but sometimes I like to be called Lottie. I’ve been toying with the name Louise as a middle name, but i’m keeping my options open for a little while longer before making...
  7. Dashsanta

    Don't know what to get!! Help!!

    Hey people!! Lately I've been feeling more like a little girl and have been curious about exploring that side of me. I want to get into getting little girl clothes and stuff for little space. Just wondering about sizing? Stuff I want would be like dresses, skirts, little girl undies / panties...
  8. LilStar

    Finally Not Procrastinating

    Hello everyone! Due to me being lazy/busy and not having time to post, here I am finally writing an intro. I'm a 20 year old transgirl, psychology major, little/ab, gamer, blogger and major procrastinator. Due to everything I do, its not exactly beneficial for me to procrastinate as much as I...
  9. Rosemary

    Cardigans for a Little Girl

    I used to think of myself as kind of sissy, but I think I'm really more of a Little Girl. I love pretty cardigans. I was wondering if anybody might have resources for Little Girl style cardigans but in an adult size. By little girl cardigans I'm meaning cardigans that more say pretty, feminine...
  10. L

    Finding Diapers That Work For Me

    Hewwo, everyone. I was just wondering if anyone could help me with finding diaper brands that carry my size? My structure is pretty petite and with most of the brands I've stumbled across, the smallest size they'll carry is a medium. I know that Diaper Connoisseur is now carrying the DC Amors in...
  11. L

    New Here

    Hello everyone. New little here. My name is Taylor. Just looking for some little friends to talk to..
  12. CryBaby

    Where to go from here??

    Hi everyone, so I recently began my true journey into Little life (I've always been one, but it recently became an official "thing" for me). I bought pacifiers thanks to all the support and encouragement on here and I Love them. I also collect toys and I'm shopping for Little clothes this very...
  13. KittyninjaW

    I think I am part Sissy and Part Little Girl

    Hello everyone, To be honest, I think I am part sissy and part Little, Part Sissy, because I really like the subversion of gender roles, and wearing girls clothes and being dominated by females, but Part Little because I really like diapers and my clothes being cute and pretty, and I like dolls...
  14. C


    Hello to all. My name is Tatiana Min Sun and I'm a 22 yr old (going onto 3) little who loves chubby women and diapers. I'm seeking one to be my Mommy. I'm a virgin who hasn't had her first kiss yet. In other words, I haven't been exposed sexually and I wanna find somebody chubby who is just like...
  15. B

    New Daddy Looking for Advice

    Hi! I am Tinkerbell... Tink for short. I made this account just a few moments ago but I have been associated with the ABDL community for neatly a decade now. I recently found the Love of my life and was married. My husband is a very gentle and caring man, and a wonderful Daddy. He is not so...
  16. TiffyKittyxo

    Newbie Lil Kitten!

    Hello! I am a little girl/kitten named Tiffy! I am irl 22 and polyamorous and work as a cashier. I love to color, play, cuddle stuffies, listen to music, watch movies, eat nummy fooooods!!! all sorts of things. I do not have a Daddy, owner, dom, etc. I might be looking but hey I'm here for...
  17. KittyninjaW

    Fedishes and stumbling blocks

    Hello, me again. First off, Sorry I haven't been commenting but i have had a lot on my mind, mostly college but there have been stumbling blocks along the way, however i have made it through, another thing is that there have been veaorus sissy/lg fetishes or whatever there called that kinda...
  18. KittyninjaW

    I'm not 100% sure weather I'm a Sissy or a LG.

    Hello me again, so far I'm doing fine although I still have struggles, anyways I'm not 100% sure Weather I'm a Sissy or LG, anyway I do like dresses and diapers but as for everything else's that's where it gets muddled, anyway there is some sexual pleasure with it, but a lot of it is just...
  19. D

    Any Littles with Autism out there?

    Both me and my Daddy have autism and I wanted to see if any of you guys have ever been diagnosed either! I'd love to make some Aspie/Little friends! :grouphug:
  20. A


    Hi! I'm new to joining adisc, but I have been on before, just not in a while. My name is Ashlee, and I'm a ABDL girl/little from Colorado. I'm also transgender mtf, and had surgery a few months ago. I've been into diapers since I was 6, but like a lot of people had denied it for the longest...