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  1. BabyAshie

    Rules that daddy can have for me?

    Herro, I'm new to the site and I was wondering if anyone had any rule examples that my daddy (boyfriend) can have for me when I am in my little state... he is we're doing it online right now but sooner or later we're gonna move in together and it's hard comming up with rules... these are a few...
  2. D

    A recommendation from my therapist, among other things.

    Hey ya'll, Ruth here. Thought I'd share something that made me happy. So my school provides free psychological counseling, and I used it a lot last year to talk about my diaper fetish. Doing that really helped me to stop seeing it as a negative thing. So we had our first session of the...
  3. kashi

    Making a change.

    You know I thought about starting a forum awhile ago after my most recent break up which was about give or take five days ago. I don't care to recall the exact date. I have spent all that time since then getting over it and with the help of friends and family I have. No small effort on my part...