little boy

  1. LittleJ123

    Little's New Year!

    I just wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year! May this new year bring you all special little moments! Make sure to diaper up tonight. Find your favorite plushy and hold it tight. It's OK if you don't like the fireworks; they're pretty to look at, but can be scary sometimes. Have any little...
  2. Lilmissblush

    Gavin's new job

    I held the slightly crumpled piece of paper tightly while I waited. I wanted to lean back but i was so nervous I couldn’t bring myself to lift my elbows off my knees and breathe comfortably. Besides, this orange chair wasn’t very comfortable anyway. I read the flier again. It said anyone could...
  3. SallyJayy

    Early Christmas Present

    When my baby was young he had a stuffed animal dog. As he got older his family made fun of him because he had a stuffed animal so he threw it away. The other day he brought that up to me so since he's been a good boy mommy got him a replica of his childhood toy. Little boys should always be...
  4. E

    Little Boy even at Nine.

    A lot happened when I was nine. I had my last, major, surgery that year. Having been born with a heart defect, the doctors initially gave me 24 hours. That number slowly climbed, day by day, month by month, and ultimately to where I am, now. Being left in that sterile environment by my...
  5. babypr1


    Hello, I'm back at, it have been a while since i have been here. I hope to be more active here. You can talk to me anytime and i'll be more than happy to answer. If you like tumblr you can find me at
  6. kashi

    Making a change.

    You know I thought about starting a forum awhile ago after my most recent break up which was about give or take five days ago. I don't care to recall the exact date. I have spent all that time since then getting over it and with the help of friends and family I have. No small effort on my part...
  7. kashi

    Batman Footie Pajama's

    So I have wanted to find Batman Footie Pj's for awhile now. When I was young I had a set and I loved them. I found a picture of ones for toddlers which I'll attach as reference. Any help would be lovely.
  8. timmy23

    Mommy and Little vs. Girlfriend and Girlfriend

    I have had wonderful experiences with my girlfriend in my abdl lifestyle just from the simple fact that she accepts me and plays as my mommy; however, it is not all perfect in my little life (which I hate because i want to save my stress and worrying for my adult life, Timmy should be stress...
  9. S


    1) Hello! Who are you? I'm a pretty bubbly and perky little guy once I get over my initial wariness. I'm tech support (but please don't ask me for tech advice. :sad: I do that all day at work.) I'm pretty out there, but funny (I've been told. I have my suspicions.) 2) What brings you here...
  10. B

    Hi! My name is badlilboy or jake or jack!

    1) Hello! Who are you? I'm Jack. I'm a trans* queer little! I'm 18 and I've recently graduated from high school. Right now I'm looking for work and getting into college. 2) What brings you here? (interest in diapers/regression) I'm a little boy who has an interest in diapers. I guess I'm...
  11. SilverSurfer

    Tighty Whities/Briefs

    I realized just a couple of days ago that my fetish for white briefs is similar to how a lot of us have went back to diapers and became ABs or DLs. Because I wanted my childlike spirit again, I felt my joy was gone since being in so much drama in junior high school at the time. So I was...
  12. C

    Heyyy :)

    Heyy :) im jack, kinda new to all this but ive known for a while i like diapers and being a little boy :) im from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK :) so drop me a message if you want to chat :) x