1. Dolphin

    List of adult diapers with AB/DL prints

    Hi, I am creating a list of all adult diaper brands with AB/DL prints (no all white diapers). I know I'm missing some, so please try to full in the gaps. ABU Bambino BareBum Colorbottoms Crinklz Cuddlz Diaper Connoisseur Dotty Diaper Company Fabine Fab Sense Kiddo (playpers) Mydiaper Qtty...
  2. OpheliaScarlett

    Talking about music \m/

    I'v recently seen some topic about music ^-^ and it gave me an idea =).It may be a little bit off topic for this website but hey whatever, here is a pretty list ( not long enough, I have a lot more to add xD ) of cool rock/metal/blues/soul/jazz/... bands and artists : (be aware of the reading...
  3. betagame

    Christmas Wishlist

    Mine is Flip MinoHD, 2 more Xbox 360 controllers, Left 4 Dead for 360, Solar Style Chargers, Altec Lansing InMotion iM7, mp4 players, 1600MS points, Xbox Live Vision Cam, USB Fridge, REAL usb fan, Soundmatters foxL - Pocket Sized Music System, Messenger Kits, Nintendo DS games, Solio USB...
  4. P


    So...What comedians do you like? Just off the top of my head (in no order) Dave Chappelle Demetri Martin Kyle Cease Dane Cook Gabriel Iglesias Ellen DeGeneres Jim Gaffigan Jeff Dunham Ralphie May