1. MatalicPebble

    Any linux fans?

    I am using windows at the moment but I use Ubuntu a lot more than I use windows due to the ability to customize the deepest parts of the system. I am still learning how to work it through Terminal (Command line) but I am slowly getting there. My ultimate project is to build an operating system...
  2. D


    *A purple hedgehog walks up from the shadows, bearing ruby red eyes and singular cyan striped black sweat pants.* So this is the Site that felix was talking about. Hmm. Anyway, hello everyone. My name is Linux Vega. Seasoned roleplayer and, in some ways, a DL. *blushes* anyway, as you might...
  3. tomahawk

    Let me reintroduce myself.

    Hi, my name is Thomas. I did an intro more than a year ago, but got back into the lurker role. Shame on me (not really, I just didn't feel for comment on stuff.) I am a Linux user, a programmer, and I like my small portion of sci-fi -- particular Dr. Who and Star Trek. I am a cigar aficionado...
  4. skunk053

    I have a question

    What would be the best Linux distribution that can be run from a flash drive on a notebook with a 64-bit processor? Any answers with links to said distributions are very much appreciated. :pizza: (having pizza today lol)
  5. MondoX44

    HELP! Getting a new notebook. Which Linux distro should I use?

    I'm getting a Lenovo Edge 14 AMD (x64) notebook , and I want to try to install Linux on it. I've been hearing mixed things about different Lenovo Edge models for different distros. Which distro should I use? I've been thinking about going with Mandriva, Mint, or Sabayon, but I really don't...
  6. Hex

    Looking for a new linux distro

    For the last 6 months, I've been on Ubuntu for my main Linux system. Now ubuntu's great and all, but it has some weaknesses. The repos suck big time (I've had to manually install some software to get the latest versions), and at least for me, the graphics card drivers need some work. So, I'm...
  7. Emileigh

    Another computer problem >.< (windows vista)

    Well, I went to get on my desktop computer this morning, and when I logged onto my name, it said windows needed to be activated. Ok, so I tried the product key, which said it was in use. I was told that the software can be used on up to 5 computers, and so my boyfriend used it on his and his...
  8. chevre

    Sorry kids, Linux is illegal.

    PC Pro: News: Teacher threatens to call the cops over Linux Blog of helios: Linux - Stop holding our kids back I just read this and at first I couldn't help but bust out laughing. Though, this is really pretty sad. It frightens me that these people are given any authority over technology.
  9. Jeremiah

    Ubuntu (Linux) and IRC chat problem

    I have a problem with Ubuntu (currently 7.10, but should be 8.04 tomorrow). The IRC chat directions listed do not match what Gaim Instant Messenger requests. Can anyone provide directions for a very new Ubuntu user to set up the IRC for #ADISC? Also, what software is recommended for Linux...
  10. Vladimir

    Help with Kubuntu?

    I've installed it on my laptop, but whenever I start it, I get that command thing that quits when I type 'exit', then I get a few error messages on a black screen with only one, blank window that doesn't seem to do anything. If you need to know which errors there are, I'll look at them...