1. SuperTed

    Awesome diaper deals (too good not to post)!!

    Just spotted this gem on Gumtree Australia: ULTRA ABSORBENT INCONTINENCE PADS MEDIUM UP TO 130CMS | Miscellaneous Goods | Gumtree Australia Gold Coast North - Hollywell The ad is for 5 packs of Kendall Lille supreme fit maxi briefs in medium size. These are the old plastic backed type, before...
  2. kratox

    The quest for the next small diaper.

    Hey has anyone tried Kendall Lille Grey diapers in small ? I have been looking and have not found any good reviews that explain a lot. Like absorbency and stuff. All I have read is it fees like a giant baby pampers diaper. I have been looking for some new smalls and am interested in trying these...