1. ben10hnt

    Libero vs Huggies pull-ups

    I recently come across Libero diaper. Based on the packaging, the brand looks very similar to Huggies Drynite. Are the two brands owned by the same company? And how are they different?
  2. Nano

    Libero SleepTight

    So, I'm running low on diapers and I'm quite curious to try the Libero SleepTight diapers. Libero is a Swedish diaper manufacturer, so it's probably not very well known outside Europe. Basically, they're bedwetting diapers for older children (up to 60kg if I remember correctly). I loved the...
  3. HuntM555

    Libero or Drynites?

    Hi, this is my first post and I'm thinking of buying some diapers for the first time. I've nailed it down to Libero SleepTight 10 or DryNites Boys 8-15. At the moment I just want to see what it's like and then I might buy some others. So what do you think I should get? Libero or DryNites...
  4. D

    Libero Up&Go size 7

    So I was at the store today at a new location (to me), and I saw some Libero Up&Go Size 7 diapers. So I was interested: does anyone have any experience with them? It would be great to know if they're worth the money, or if I should go with some other diapers. The thing is, those are the very...
  5. ShortGuy

    New Libero Up&Go size 8

    I was shoping today and was browsing the diaper isle looking for wet wipes when I saw the new pull-up style diapers. I eagerly bought a pack since i "fit" in their size 7 regular diaper. Sadly they did not fit at all, way to tight in the elastics, even though the pack states "new soft fit". I...
  6. L


    I call myself libero because i love libero diapers. I'm a Student. and i have great knowledge whitin HTML. I love the little tings in lif, like sitting outside and have a smoke. wasting tv. and play golf. I want to meet a community hue understands and accept
  7. Kyatto

    Competitor for Drynites(Goodnites) and Underjams

    I went to a local medical supply store (they sell drynites and some adult diapers too) earlier yesterday, I went in to get a pack of drynites as it's the closest store to me that sells the bigger sizes but they didn't stock them anymore, but the older guy at the counter (in mid 50's range) asked...
  8. W

    Has anyone ordered from

    Hello, this is whiteresearcher again; I would like to ask any UK users of this forum if they have tried ordering incontinence products (e.g. Libero size 7 nappies or Tena slip et cetera....) from BM Supplies. They are quite a good site from the looks of it and can do discreet packaging (i.e...