1. D

    Hey Everyone!

    Hi, I'm Devin, I'm from Conway, Arkansas, and I'm a diaper lover. I live alone so I can wear whenever i want. Currently im wearing Depends Fitted Briefs as i don't have anything else, however my ideal diaper is abena x-plus or tranquility. I absolutely love working on cars, you guessed it, in...
  2. ABAlex2

    Meg and Zoey

    The rays of the morning sun poured in through the window and into the eyes of the two girls. One, a thin brown haired girl named Zoey, had once been called a boy. However, few could make that mistake now with her effeminate features and hourglass shape. The other, Meg, was biologically a girl...
  3. E

    Raquel's Only Wish — 2nd Edition

    Hi everyone! :) Like I posted in the original thread, I think it's time for me to go back and revise the earlier chapters of this story before moving forward. And since this forum doesn't allow editing of the original chapters, this seemed like the best way to do it. For new readers: This...
  4. A

    Hi, Can you help me please?

    Hi, I'm a 20 years old lesbian woman and to be quite honest I didn't know about AB stuff until months ago. NOTE: I'm gonna use 'ne' to avoid gender specific pronouns. Last year I met a person online on a dating website and ne was very nice to me, we get along great, we skyped and stuff, at...
  5. E

    Raquel's Only Wish - Extended Edition

    Hi everyone! I’ve been receiving an overwhelming amount of messages in the last few months regarding the story, “Raquel’s Only Wish” and when I plan to continue it. Many have even said it was their favorite story of It’s kind—which is of course a great compliment as there are many talented...
  6. B


    Hi. My name is Bella Grace! I am a sissy who love the feeling of a nice diaper on her bum! [Removed]
  7. B

    New. :)

    Hey! I'm a diaper girl. I'm lesbian. [Removed] I'm from Oregon(US) I'm 19. I love to be in diapers, wetting and messing. :)