1. L

    Finally Saw a Doctor.

    Reference post for understanding here. This morning I had a total melt-down. I woke to fresh warmth in my diaper. Ok, I thought, no problem, and turned to wake my husband, as I do every morning. Already nervous about the doctor's appointment today, I fumbled with everything as I tried to...
  2. F

    Best Diaper Fold

    I've been using the butterfly fold (with a twist in the middle) because having the full width at each end of the cloth diaper to reach around my waist for pinning is necessary. I understand this fold is more often used for girls and I'm not female, but it's worked for me over a period of a few...
  3. Cthulhu

    Leaking while laying on my back (male)

    I slept (or at least tried to) in diapers for the first time a couple days ago:) Even though it was pointing straight down, some of the pee went up and down the sides of the diaper (at the wings(?)) and then out the back, if i wet fast enough. Luckily i had a pad under the sheet. I've...
  4. K

    Allentown, pa

    Hi every one. I have been incontinent and have been wearing diapers 24/7 for along time now and would love to meet other with my Same problem and find out what products they use for their incontinence issues and what products work best for them! Please feel welcome that their is more people with...
  5. kjluvs

    from bedwetter to DL and back again

    Hi everyone! My name is Kevin and I've been a member of several DL sites since about 1999. Growing up, I struggled badly with bed wetting and diapers have always been a major part of my life. However my emotions were mixed because somewhere along the line, I started to be aroused by waking up in...
  6. xtrabulk

    Help With Dry 24/7 Leaks

    This shouldn't be happening. I'm 6'1" weigh 197 with a 34 waist. I love DC 24/7, but lately they've been leaking out the leg gathers. After 1.5 wettings! I recently lost 20 lbs...could I possibly need a small/medium? I've diapered sitting and standing, and combos. Any tips? Right now, Molicares...
  7. mrtowtruck76

    Leaky cloth diapers

    Well I recently got some cloth diapers from babykins and I chose to wear one to work today and I had leakage issues so I will explain what I wore and maybe some of the more experienced cloth diaper-ers will be able to lend a helpful suggestion. So today I wore the hook and loop velcro diaper...
  8. DaveTDL

    Plastic Pants: Snap vs Pull On

    I recently got a pair of plastic pants to wear with my cloth backed Assurance diapers. They were the snap type rather than the pull up type, and much to my dismay I found that the snaps do not stay fastened, and they tended to leak from the gaps on the side. Do the pull on type work any better?
  9. LilRetroBoy

    what is the best brand of pull ups

    I recently started wearing pull ups 24/7 and am currently using boots pharmacy own brand super dry, after last nights leakage incident i am wanting a more reliable brand of pull ups i have considered TENA Pants Super but im a bit apprehensive to try another brand because of many things such as...
  10. Pramrider

    Trying Out Pampers Underjams

    Did my first successful wearing today not long after part of the family left for VA. I didn't realize it until I tore open the package, I had gotten the girls Underjams by accident with alternating purple and white UJs having a little red heart in the front.:rolleyes: Oh well, they are cute...