1. psychonautalis

    Foods and/or Laxitives To Ingest for Heavy Messing

    What is your experience with laxitives and/or foods that make for a heavy messing experience ? Ones that are natural if possible!! I wanna know how to evacuate EVERYTHING
  2. PuppyLover

    Diuretics: The Same As Suppositories/Laxatives?

    Recently I've noticed that I haven't been 'going #1' as often as I feel I should. At first, I thought it was me holding for too long, which was causing some sort of infection or bacteria build up in my bladder. I asked my doctor about it, and she said that everything seemed to be normal, and I...
  3. T

    People abusing laxatives for bowel incontinence or irregularity

    I have read zero articles on the matter, because it seems to be something no one is willing to discuss. I admit to having thoughts on the matter, mainly because I know that laxatives are a leading cause of IBS and furthur constipation. I was just wondering if some members of this community knew...