1. BabyKai

    What do you think about pacifiers/dummy's?

    I love pacifiers but that's mainly because I've used them all my life. Couldn't be weaned off them and my parents ended up letting me carry on using them. I'm now 19 and walk around the whole house with about 5 at all times. One in my mouth and four to hold, play with and touch (I have sensory...
  2. W

    Leg guards and diaper covers

    Can I buy something like a pair of latex shorts and use them as a diaper cover? Or do covers need leg guards in order to do their job well?
  3. P

    Inflatable Latex Diaper for sale! Figured I would share.
  4. P

    Inflatable Rubber Diaper

    Thoughts? :sweatdrop:
  5. AmberBulb95

    A good bottle?

    I've tried using bottles in the past and again recently, I really like them but I can't find a teat that feels comfortable, which is understandable because they are only made for infants who can't eat solid food. Does anyone know where I can buy some really comfortable, cherry latex teats...
  6. C

    plastic lover

    I am 44 years old and fond of plastic pants since I am 12 years old. I love to wear transparent soft plastic or latex pants and I am pure fetishist.