las vegas

  1. diaperperv

    Hi from a mommy in Las Vegas

    Hi everyone! I've been lurking here for a little bit and enjoying all the diaper reviews. I just want to be part of the discussions & hopefully I can share my experiences as a big (mommy/caretaker). I just went to my 1st Capcon & while I thought I'd be 1 & done (to see what's it's about) but I...
  2. B

    Young Vegas DL here!

    Been in Vegas for almost a year now, moved from the east coast. [Removed]
  3. wwetbed

    Suggestion (Share) Welcome to ADISC banner (photoshopped from Welcome to Las Vegas sign)

    Hey Everyone! I photoshopped the "famous" Welcome to Las Vegas sign (which dates back to 1959) to make it: Welcome to (fabulous) ADISC! background info on the original Welcome to Vegas sign: and...