1. U

    What is the best/proper way to put on a tab style diaper?

    So this is my first time buying diapers and the first time on this site. I bought a 15 pack of crinklz aquanaut Size L and I am having trouble getting them to be snug. I have to have pants on to support them because they sag badly and I dont want them falling off. If I was to go out in public...
  2. A

    Tena slip maxi medium or large?

    Hi there, finally plucked myself up enough to make an account and start posting and sharing! So I’m about to buy some Tena slip maxi active fit, but I’m not sure wheather to go for medium or large, it states that the mediums are 28-48 inches and the larges are 36-57. Now I’m around a 38 inch...
  3. happiesxxl

    Diapers size 7 in Private Label Brands

    Does anyone know of any supermarket private label brands of diapers that come in a size 7? I know H-E-B Supermarkets in Texas have them, but are there others?
  4. D

    Thought I sized correctly

    Hi I have been wearing a brand called Softi in South Africa. They are cheaper premium nappies I can get at Dischem. Different nappy brands are very limited in South Africa. We don't get abdl nappies like the rest of the world. And to import abdl nappies is way to expensive. I was wearing...
  5. tobdy1986

    Giant Strollers For Adults Let Parents Test Drive Before Buying
  6. Ian16545

    Just got my Bambino Classicos today!

    OK, so my parents are FINALLY away on a 12-day river cruise in Europe—and I've got the whole house to myself for the time being. So, I took the opportunity of buying myself a twin case of large Bambino Classico diapers off of Amazon. Luckily, I ordered them on the spur of the moment under a...
  7. D

    DryNites (2015 New Zealand girls 8-15 with pics) and my story

    Hi all. This is my first post on the internet, so hopefully it makes someone's day (and hopefully more than one!) I wanted to buy the latest girls' Drynites in New Zealand, but couldn't find any good-quality images of the packaging and diapers, so figured I would post some here for people to...
  8. Zebben

    Land's End up to size 20!!

    Hello! Just wanted to inform people that winter is coming and that Land's End are selling sleepers up to size 20 this year! Used to be like 14/16 before. I just ordered mine. These sleepers should fit people up to about...