1. B

    English language as a need to achvieve little headspace?!

    Hello everyone, I've realized that the english language makes me feel little. As crazy as it sounds at first it's is actually logical. You know the saying: With every language you master- new personality is born. I'm not a native english speaker so it's easy to understand that my little side was...
  2. LazyDreamer

    Finished Loved As We Are

    Hey everyone! This is my first story! It's a non-sexual story about a guy whose girlfriend finds his ABDL stash. This isn't a diaper story as much as a coming out story. Let me know how you liked it! ~~~~ The knock on my front door jumpstarts my heart. When I open the door, Rachel pops through...
  3. DLGoplayer

    Learning new languages

    Does anyone have any tips for learning a new language? Currently I am working on learning japanese/日本語。 I am using roesetta stone to learn it, but it does occasionally get confusing. So I wanted to know, how to help yourself memorize new words and phrases in different languages.
  4. tiny

    How do you pronounce the word "exit"...?

    I just read an article on the BBC news website discussing whether an international phonetic alphabet would be useful and was surprised to see one example. It suggested that the word "exit" should be written phonetically as "egzit"! I thought that was a common pronunciation in the US, but that...
  5. R

    Us in Other languages

    Does anyone know terms for Adult Baby or Diaper Lover or Babyfur as used in other languages/cultures? I know there are people in other countries, but it's very hard to find them, because the translation is not direct. I'd love to know, particularly, what terms are used in France and Germany. I...
  6. Jossilyn

    Deafness and Sign Language

    I would like to start by saying I am not Deaf, I am in my 3rd year of studying American Sign Language. In my class we are reading a book called Of Sound Mind by: Jean Ferris and we ended up getting into a discussion, that was sparked by a scene in the book, about how Deaf people feeling...
  7. tech50

    Computer Programming

    I was just curious as to how many people on here know something about computer programming, or a programming language. I know Qbasic, C++, C#, and a little java.