1. Imawgtndl

    Kia Ora from New Zealand

    Hi all or Kia Ora. I'm new on the site, but I must say so far it looks amazing. Given my greeting I am from New Zealand. My hobbies are outdoors in the Bush, massive DC and Marvel movie fan and of cause diapers or nappies as they are known as here. I like the adrenaline rush of wearing outside...
  2. Angellothefox

    kiwi farm Angellothefox's profile and my comments Part 2

    Warning due to the nature of these people I have taken out any bad languege and replaced it with symbles as seen on the game conkers bad furday. Since I have tried my best to keep it a PG 13 some parts are blacked out that I feel are not approprite and also names have been missing since I do not...
  3. huskvarna

    Hello from New zealand

    Im a 16 year old furry form Nelson new zealand. I'm a diaper fur not a babyfur but they don't have an option for that here... Um that's about all I got to say for now so I'm looking forward to chatting with fellow DLs