1. TiffyKittyxo

    Newbie Lil Kitten!

    Hello! I am a little girl/kitten named Tiffy! I am irl 22 and polyamorous and work as a cashier. I love to color, play, cuddle stuffies, listen to music, watch movies, eat nummy fooooods!!! all sorts of things. I do not have a Daddy, owner, dom, etc. I might be looking but hey I'm here for...
  2. KittyninjaW

    Finally Got Neko Ears!!!! :D

    So it's me, I have been waiting for a bit to publish this, so anyways I bought Cat ears from Amazon, and they finally shipped earlier today, and I can't wait until they get here!!!! Anyway, here is an image. anyway I also ordered a Thomas the tank engine Megazord from eBay. And I really can't...
  3. LittleKittyBoy

    Hiya~ I hope I can fit in here

    I'm not a baby, but rather a kid. But a quick look and I think I might still be welcome. :catsmile: Nice to meet you! I'm an artist and writer, and have a lot of creative interests in general. Which I am delving into more recently. I started getting really into doing digital drawings forward...