1. MommyPenelope

    Does anyone know when BouncyTown will be back?

    I've heard a lot of good things about the kink festival known as BouncyTown and I really want to go and meet some new friends but sadly it keeps getting cancelled. Does anyone know when it will be back or is it permanently cancelled?
  2. Z

    Resource list

    ABDL Community Directory Table of Contents Educational Resources Media Spokespersons Events Forums Vloggers First Person Perspective Friends & Partners Foreign Language Podcasters Authors . Educational resources Understanding Infantilism ADISC Infantilism Commentary on the AB/DL Gender...
  3. S

    Accepting your kink and sharing with romantic partners

    I, like many who were dealt this peculiar hand of cards, had extended periods of struggling with my desires in the past. More recently I have gained some experience and insight that I think can help guide others when presenting their kink to a romantic partner. I believe that trying to find an...
  4. dlissexy

    joining again

    its strange how these things happen. i was a DL sub fetishist for a while and now thanks to a long term history of training constipation there is a risk of possible faecal incontinence unless actin is taken. So i am taking actin and also want to connect with others who understand. i also...