1. Mithrim

    Super cutie on duty~ New kid on the block<3

    Hello everybody ^~^! I just joined today and wanted to get my name out there. I am excited to be a member of the community and I hope everyone will be happy that I am here (≧∇≦*). If ya wanna meet up or just chat, feel free to pm me or use my contact info on my profile <3 I am pretty shy and...
  2. K

    diaper lovers

    hi everyone :) im a diaper lover and im 18 years old. Im a little new to this, and i love to wear diapers. [Removed] im a little alone, and want to meet abdl people..
  3. A

    Against my better judgement

    So i have been an ab pretty much my whole life. im 22 m 6ft pretty much an average guy. now i always said that i will never have a kik, but i just created one. not sure if ill keep it long, but i am interested in finding people to talk to. if interested my kik user name is LittleAB27.