1. michaelmc

    Kids films/animations

    Whats your favourit kids film or animation? So many to choose from, i like "Rugrats movie" still funny but so many others its hard to choose or list!:dunno:
  2. H

    Walmart parents Choice diapers stage 7

    My Walmart does not have the new "stage 7" diapers. Wondering who out there has this at their local Walmart. Does Walmart have a stage 7 or size 7 in their thicker overnight diapers? Do they make the overnight diapers with the new logo and packaging?
  3. H

    Was it common for bedwetters to use Diaper Genies?

    Was it common for older bedwetting kids to use Diaper Genies for their diapers? Did any of your parents have you use them?
  4. BluefireJay05

    Has anyone ever experienced this?....

    I am just wondering if anyone has ever experienced seeing parents buying their older children diapers I have on a few occasions. 1. I was in walmart one day and this kid came walking by the cash registers twirling a pack of diapers in his hands (my guess him being nervous that's what I would...
  5. H

    Biggest baby diapers size 7 anywhere in the world

    These are the biggest size baby diapers I have ever found! They are labeled as fitting children weighing 24-36 kg or 53 to 80 lbs! They are also mentioned to fit kids 6 to 12 years of age! Does anyone know of similar diapers found anywhere in the world right now?
  6. T

    What Do Would You Tell Your Kids?

    Let me just start off by saying how therapeutic this group has been. I no longer have a Facebook or any social media accounts because I just got so tired of people trying to live and show their "highlight reel" of i life that is very different from what they are currently experiencing. I feel...
  7. H

    Diapers size 7 in Private Label Brands

    Does anyone know of any supermarket private label brands of diapers that come in a size 7? I know H-E-B Supermarkets in Texas have them, but are there others?
  8. H

    What is yoir biggest baby diaper finds?

    There has always been companies that have experimented with the markets and have introduced either large size 6's, size 7's, and even size 8's in their baby diaper lineups. Most companies that have done this are mostly private label brands. I am assuming they are mostly made for older...
  9. H

    New size 7 diapers?

    Has anyone seen these new Darlings size 7 diapers? Has anyone tried them? They are rated at 24-36kg and look very big as compared to the Pampers size 7.
  10. kik91

    I'm A Bedside Buddy!

    Hai guys and girls!! So, a few months ago I wrote one thread about being a Baby Cuddler. Where, I am finally volunteering as a Bedside Buddy! Yesterday was my third shift and it is awesome!! My job is to play with kids and entertainment in their stay at the hospital so they don't feel alone...
  11. kennyrallen

    Telling children why Adult wears diapers.

    This might give those who are not IC a closer look into what some of us have dealt with. I had a dear friend that I met years ago I knew had problems makings ends meet because of a deadbeat ex-husband. We had met through another friend a year earlier. I would check on her and her kids about...
  12. D


    can anyone recommend and good ps3 games that are meant for toddler/pre schoolers/young kids?
  13. B

    Childish Clothing

    I'm not talking babyish clothing but slightly older cartoon like styles of clothing seem to be available in fairly large sizes. At last something for those in the UK to get happy about too... I have recently found out BHS do kids clothing up to 16 years (fairly accommodating in size). They seem...
  14. austin.db

    When telling you significant other didn't go so well

    The "Diapered with kids" thread is very productive thread and kudos to everyone who posted. This is one of the biggest questions in my mind currently. Having a very serious girlfriend, the possibility of marriage and kids is high. And I wonder a lot about this question. Just what will happen to...
  15. harris


    I have worked with kids for three years now, both genders, rich and poor, ages five to eighteen. And now I teach people ages eighteen to twenty-five. What strikes me when I discuss the youth generation is that unreasonable prejudice some people carry about the youth, that every teenager is a...