1. BluefireJay05

    I can't believe i bought some play-doh plus a question

    just like the title says...... I bought some play-doh. the other day in wal-mart I looked and looked and could not find the right kind of toys then I see some play-doh and I picked up and purchased it. I have not had any fun with it yet I need to find a table with a smooth enough surface and...
  2. LittleKittyBoy

    Hiya~ I hope I can fit in here

    I'm not a baby, but rather a kid. But a quick look and I think I might still be welcome. :catsmile: Nice to meet you! I'm an artist and writer, and have a lot of creative interests in general. Which I am delving into more recently. I started getting really into doing digital drawings forward...
  3. Mittens

    Losing contact with your inner child

    For some time now, I have been having a struggle to keep myself happy. And I feel like I know what I want, like I know what will make me happy. The thought is there, but when I follow through it isn't as great as I expected. I hold my expectations too high. I'm confused, and I've been...
  4. Sitherus

    no longer teen baby

    as of November, 1st 2012 i am now 20 years old, when i was 18 i was told i was an adult but i still felt like a kid i was a teen 8 (TEEN) 9(teen) but, 20? i feel like i can go on to be a teen for as long as I'm one at heart like a kid or until I'm 21 but i don't know i am wondering what age is...
  5. B

    Favortie Foods Growing Up, Take 1

    Don't really think this belongs in the AB Forum, as this is just general information. Despite knowing well what we prefer to eat now when the clock reaches dinnertime could be different as to what we ate growing up. Was your palette limited? Were you a picky eater? Or were you open to trying...
  6. J

    Juvenile Diapers You Would Like To See In Adult Sizes

    Are there any juvenile diapers of a specific brand (pampers, pull-ups, etc.) that you would like to see re-created in adult sizes? I know I would like to see the Target Up and Up diapers in my size, because they are colorful, and have a cool polka-dotted pattern on it. What about you?
  7. sparkywuff

    favorite cereal as a kid

    i always liked captain crunch, what was your favorite?
  8. wwetbed

    BIG KID AT SUNDOWN (new Pullups commercial on TV)

    check this out/ seen it sunday night when watching NBC the summer olympics closing ceremonies; one of the koolest diaper ads i ever seen! **click bottom right thingy 2 enlarge 2 a full-screen...