1. PaddedDeist

    Tabletop RPG Players?

    I wonder how many of you play tabletop RPGs? With the success of many KickStarter campaigns it seems that we are now in a new golden age for both RPGs and board games--though this post is focusing on RPGs I also enjoy a good boardgame. I recently backed Talislanta: The Savage Land--a prequel...
  2. Soul93

    New Diaper! "UnderScares" (OutLast 2)

    I just came across this KickStarter for a diaper called UnderScares what you guys think?!? It looks awesome its a diaper created by Red Barrels the creators of OutLast! The video it kinda funny! The question is it a gimmick or joke or is it for real?! Im thinking of getting the basic one...