1. Akiran59

    Hi, im new.

    Hi! My names Ash, im 20 years old and a DL. Just looking to make friends, its a bit hard to find people with my interests with my job. I'm in the military. Ive been wearing for as long as i can remember, on and off. But Ive decided to embrace who i am. Ill be moving to Kansas in a few months, so...
  2. emberautumnfire

    wittl Dwaggin in ks

    Hi hi all I guess I should describe me here I'm a furry always and forever a dragon I'm orange with yellow belly and red down my back I'm furry not scaily I'm a littlefur I love wearing and I do wet, I'd love to find a daddy or mommy to change me and take care of me... Never have been changed...
  3. Llayden

    Adult Diapers not for sale anymore

    So, I have been out of my home country (US) for quite some time now without very much downtime and was looking forward to being home again. I have returned to a drought though, a famine of proportions that I was un-aware. There do not seem to be any stores selling adult diapers anymore! I...
  4. J

    Hello from Kansas, New user here

    Hello everyone, Thought I would tell you all alittle bit about myself. I am 24 DL and Incon. I have been a DL for most of mylife I think from maybe 5 years old or so. Long story behind that too. I am about to leave the army due to injuries i sustained while deployed. another long story. I have...