1. RainbowConnection

    A Thought Experiment

    I'm 19, male. Now, I don't think I'm trans or nonbinary or anything of that nature (perhaps gender non-conforming, at the most, but who knows -- I was never one for titles). But I do identify with a lot of traditionally "feminine" traits, and prefer to exhibit a much softer side of my...
  2. wew1992

    Anyone keep a “diaper journal”?

    I’ve been a DL for a while, but haven’t had much chance to try different brands/types. This is something I am going to do, especially with free samples. So an idea I had was to keep a little book that I am calling my diaper journal. In it I make note of brand/type, look, feel, capacity...
  3. Cillow

    Does anyone keep a diary/journal?

    I started keeping a handwritten personal journal nearly a year ago mostly to help with venting a lot of depressive thoughts and emotions and a lot of what I've written so far ended up being related to my experiences with diapers/age regression/etc. Loads of entries about my personal fantasies...