1. EmoCowMoo

    Ever heard of Happies or Finee brand diapers?

    I recently came across these 2 random diapers I found on ebay and the description said that they were similar in size to the Pampers size 7, so after a couple of drinks, I paid a stupid price for them, BUT they are really sweet and I'd like to get my hands on some packs of them. The first one...
  2. darkknightinattends

    MAY THE WAY OF THE HERO LEAD TO THE TRIFORCE! Anyways... Hello! That is all!

    Hello! My name is Jordan! I'm from Vancouver BC,love playing my guitar, doing youtube videos, playing some zelda games among others, and wearing thick diapers as often as I can. I joined this site to share my stories read others experiences, and make some friends. [Removed] Anyways this is...