1. CPDude

    Caregivers , working and diapers

    Does anyone else use paid caregivers to help them manage full incontinence (bowel and bladder) and also work? I have found that many employers are uncomfortable with the fact I need caregivers throughout the day while at work. I have been unemployed for a while and maintaining employment has...
  2. R

    How are AB/DL diapers and products made?

    I understand these processes are most likely automated, but who stocks the machine or oversees the progress, are they all AB/DLs? If not do they understand what they are a part of?
  3. D

    Would you hire someone if you knew they were a DL

    I wanted to know if you were a employer and you were hiring and you knew two people both had equal qualities but one was a Diaper lover and the other your average joe. Who would you hire and why? Also little of topic anyone living in WV? lol