japanese diaper

  1. Yawen

    Where to buy thick adult diapers in Tokyo?

    Has any one bought adult diapers in Tokyo? Could you give me some tips? Where can I find high quality, thick diapers there? Which brands are good and where to get them? I've heard of Unicharm which seems to be one of the biggest companies: Business Operations | About Us | Unicharm Company...
  2. A

    Where can I buy Japanese diapers in the US?

    Hello, everyone We`ve just moved to the US after spending some years in Japan. My baby is used to Japanese diapers, but I can`t find it here. Don`t know what to do. It is so expensive to order from Japan... If anybody can help to find a US store where I can buy these diapers, it will really help.
  3. B

    Japanese Style Diaper Cover

    i have been looking like crazy to find this kind of diaper cover. i just feel that the regular style plastic pants dont really protect against leaks... has anyone ever come across a place where to buy them?:confused: thanks hope you can help!!!