1. Zillabrony13

    Looking to Move to Japan

    Like the title says, I'm looking to move to Japan and get a job there in the future. I'm currently learning Japanese from Japanesepod101 and I'm gonna take a Japanese history and culture class in college. Anyone have any tips or tricks?
  2. D

    Diaper Packaging: Japan vs the rest of the world

    Not sure if this is ab or dl topic, but has anyone else noticed how much nicer adult diaper packaging looks in japan than anywhere else? They're colorful and kind of cute, when everywhere else they have that bold medical look. Check them out! Adult diapers - YouTube
  3. D

    Diaper Buying in Japan

    I have a long list of questions but im a DL stuck in Japan. I need diaper advice BAD. -Do they have 3 way fit pampers cruisers size 7? if so could someone link me to the japanese packaging? -Are there any good youth/adult diaper brands? ones with tapes not pull ups? if so what does the...
  4. Yawen

    Where to buy thick adult diapers in Tokyo?

    Has any one bought adult diapers in Tokyo? Could you give me some tips? Where can I find high quality, thick diapers there? Which brands are good and where to get them? I've heard of Unicharm which seems to be one of the biggest companies: Business Operations | About Us | Unicharm Company...
  5. AceABDL

    Diapers in the news...

    Just saw this in the paper... let's see them plug a leak with cloth diapers. ;-) Diaper absorbent used to try to plug nuke leak - World news - Asia-Pacific - msnbc.com Apparently, they're using a diaper chemical in combination with newspapers and sawdust to plug the leak at the nuclear...
  6. Bigbaby85

    ADISC Japanese language group

    I made an ADISC Japanese language group for anyone that wants to learn or practice Japanese :smile1: ADISC Japanese - ADISC.org
  7. SlowBro

    Anime/Manga ban in Tokyo

    Yeah I searched the forum and couldn't find anything about this so I thought I'd tell the community. Anyway, in Japan they are giving publisher's until April 11, 2011 to regulate itself and tone down on sexual themes and content. And starting July 1, 2011 those breaking those rules will be...
  8. DaddysLittleDefect

    Back on the net ^_^

    After a super annoying week of being sick (still), my desktop's OS HD suffering a fatal hardware failure, a weekend of promised snow that was only rain, and oh whatever else was lousy. It always amaises me that my old 9-10 year old laptop I got used of ebay still works fine, but modern...