1. Roverthesissybabyfur

    Panties and girly diapers?

    Im new hear and i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for padded panties, girly diapers, and sissy outfits, oh and jammies and plushies~
  2. Selenamisia

    Thinking about getting footie pj's

    I've never bought footie pj's before so I was wondering where I could find some with a reasonable price. If you have any footie pj's that you love, feel free to share where you got them and why you love them. ^-^
  3. DaddysToxxicBabyGirl


    Who doesn't love Pjs? We all know about the basic sites that sell footie pajamas. However, I have yet to see this site mentioned. Hoodie-Footie (TM), The Official Hoodie-Footie, Hoodie Footie Pajamas for Adults | PajamaGram They're just as expensive as everywhere else. But a vanilla friend...